8. März 2021

Statement from Women in Exile


We from Women in Exile and Friends, a group of refugee women* and women* without refugee background, will be celebrating their tremendous effort, made by women* around the world. Whose every day struggles and fights helps to build a better future for all humanity and our planet. We will raise our voices against matters affecting women* to eliminate discrimination, racism and sexism. Not focuson our differences but focus in our strength in being different. Our differences are a power we should use to gain liberation for all!


For the refugee women living in camps in the covid 19 pandemic, the disadvantages are spelled out in our social media campaign #Social distancing is a privilge. Information was scarce and what was available was mainly in German. It took time to get information in different languages. Some of the rules applied to the lagers during the pandemic had no logic at all. For example, refugees in some lagers were forced to quarantine without exception. They were locked down with no communication to the outside world because in camps there is no Wlan. This was just a mean to suppress us. It did not make any sense, cause the refugees anyway had to share rooms and other facilitates.

Sexual harassment and violence increased. Refugee women* could not access safe spaces outside of the Camps. From Chemnitz in Sachen, we have reports of migrant women who suffered police brutallity, humilitation and ending up in hospital. Our question is why should anyone let that be? Why should we allow them to strip away our right to justice? Our humanity?

This is why we, Women in Exile and friends will demonstrate on the 8th of March, in Cottbus. To fight for the dignity of our sister Rita Ojunge. Rita was reported missing on the 7th of April 2019. But the Police took more than 2 months before they finally did their job and started looking for her. Sadly, what was found were her remains just 200 meters from her lager, in the forest.

We matter! Our lives matter! Rita’s life mattered. Women’s rights are human rights.

We demand that

  • the police who mishandled the women in Chemnitz are held reliable for their action.
  • Rita`s case stays open and that the perpetrators of the heinous crime should face justice!
  • Abolishment of all Lager and the stop of Deportations!
  • Proper prevention, prosecution and sanctioning of Feminicides!
  • Let us all smash patriachal and colonialist, capitalism and fight for a better, safer, healthier world for all of us!