16. November 2020


Hier sind wir am letzten Tag unserer Abschlussveranstaltung angekommen. Unsere Inhalte werden hier bestehen bleiben, besucht uns jederzeit, fühlt noch mal rein, setzt euch wieder auseinander – wir bleiben für euch hier!

Zum Abschluss veröffentlichen wir unsere ComE In 2020 Broschüre. Diese könnt ihr hier downloaden oder aber auch gerne bei uns im Büro oder postalisch erhalten.

Außerdem gibts weiter unten was zum Lachen und ab 17.30h seid ihr herzlich eingeladen zu unserer Community Sound Healing Session mit Shannon Sea!

Download: Broschüre ComE In 2020

NAYA (Fka Lux Venérea)

Comedian, Speaker, Chef, Performer, Poet, Bottom activist, cangaceira transviada.
Left the Sertão of Brazil to be a travesti*.
Also left debts in the bank of brazil and believes that sleeping alligators get turned into white people’s purses.

Find Naya on Instagram @bundaskanzlerin

[EN] Community Sound Healing Session

Resistance through Rest, Togetherness, and Cultivating Joy
with Shannon Sea

„Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.“

— Audre Lorde

Self-care is self-preservation, and thus, self-care is a radical act for people of the LSBTIQ and migrant-diasporic communities. Thus, we are hosting a sound healing session by Shannon Sea, and invite members of our communities to collectively rest, self-preserve and cultivate joy. Sea uses sound as a form of meditation. Her live-set sound healing session will feature nature soundscapes, field recordings, electro-acoustic sounds, synths, and low-frequency waves. These sounds will help bring you into a meditative state that calms the mind.

About Shannon Sea

Shannon Sea is a Bahamian-American composer, sound artist, and sonic activist. Her compositions are deeply influenced by the avant-garde aesthetic, electronic music, Taoism, and her Afro-Caribbean roots. Sea’s works explore themes of nature, spirituality, Afro-futurism, and self-exploration. She seeks to create sound worlds that fuse together acoustic and electronic means of expression.

Before you participate

Pls. situate yourself in an environment that is quiet and has enough space for laying down. For comfort, we suggest to lay on a mat or soft material.  A pillow, or blanket for covering, is also suggested.
Headphones are not necessary, but can improve one’s listening experience. You can also decide for yourself whether your camera is turned on or off.