27. April 2021

“The Black Sex Worker Collective” – 2021

Founded on the principles of Black liberation, the Black Sex Worker Collective (the BSWC) is fully and permanently committed to Black leadership for the rights of sex workers. Our work confronts white supremacy by dismantling at it roots which intersect with labor, immigration, reproductive rights, accessibility rights, gender equality and sex worker rights.

Our work is aligned with the RJ for Black Lives Grant opportunity as we challenge the injustice of the criminal legal system and immigration and deportation regime that disproportionately targets Black Sex Workers. We contribute to policy change from our perspective as a sex worker-led and Black-led organization. We use art to illustrate our reality and bring attention to our cause. We are passionate about supporting the immediate needs of Black and trans sex workers through direct action. These needs can be financial, emotional, educational or sustainability strategies. We agree that there can be no reproductive justice when Black sex workers are criminalized, when Black trans sex workers are marginalized, and when Black parents cannot raise their children in peace and free from fear.

You find us on:

Instagram: @thebswc
Facebook: the bswc
Twitter: theblackswc
Youtube: thebswc
Homepage: blacksexworkercollective.org
TikTok: the bswc

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