16. Januar 2023

Call for submission – ComE In project funding 2023

2023 Call for submission_ComE In_pdf

The Migration Council Berlin e.V. (MRB) calls on migrant and BIPOC organizations to submit projects with LGBTIQ (Lesbian*, Gay*, Bisexual*, Trans*, Inter*, Queer) focus for the funding year 2023 within the project ComE In – Community, Empowerment, Intersectional.

ComE In supports awareness and empowerment projects in Berlin.

  • Application period: 01.02.2023 – 01.03.2023;
  • Funding amounts: 1.000,00 € – 10.000,00 €;
  • Project duration: 02.05.2023 – 31.10.2023.

If you have ideas, but do not know how to implement them, contact us and we will also support you with the content and conceptual work.

Subject of the project announcement

The aim of ComE In is to strengthen sexual and gender diversity in migrant and BIPOC communities and make it more perceptible.

The call is addressed to migrant, refugee and BIPOC organizations that want to develop and implement a project for migrant, refugee and BIPOC LGBTIQ or against LGBTIQ hostility.

An important principle of ComE In is „From the community – for the community“. The strengthening of communities with migrant-diasporic biographies and the inclusion of their perspectives on sexual and gender diversity are in the foreground. Guiding questions for project development can be, for example:

  • How do we create spaces that are also safer for LGBTIQ from our communities?
  • What services for LGBTIQ with migrant-diasporic biographies are missing in our communities?
  • What notions of non-heteronormative sexual and gender diversity exist in the history or tradition of our communities?

ComE In aims to promote the formation and strengthening of inclusive communities through project funding.

Project content

Project ideas should fall into one of the following areas:

  1. Increasing the visibility and empowerment of BIPOC LGBTIQ and/or LGBTIQ with migration and refugee biographies;
  2. Establishing or expanding existing counseling services with LGBTIQ content within migrant-diasporic organizations;
  3. Raising awareness and reducing LGBTIQ hostility.

What does this mean by way of example:

  • Building and/or strengthening structures of existing organizations/initiatives/collectives or organizations/initiatives/collectives which are in formation;
  • Social media campaigns/projects;
  • Political and/or artistic educational work in various formats;
  • Regular meetings of initiatives/organizations;
  • Workshops for internal training or empowerment;
  • Establishment and expansion of an counselling structure;
  • Preparation of analyses, evaluations, handouts, etc.;
  • You can also check some of our former projects: erklär mir mal, Break Room, MSG & Friends, Damn* Voicemail, Loom e.V., Maangai, House of Living Colors, MigLoom, Black Sex Worker Collective, LitQid, Black & Queer Actions, Hockey is Diversity e.V., Feministisches Zentrum für Migrant*innen e.V., Quarteera e.V., Korea Verband e.V., Queeristan, Makan Berlin.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are based on:

  • You are Berlin based and the project takes place in Berlin;
  • LGBTIQ focus;
  • Implementability;
  • Time management;
  • Sustainability;
  • Adequacy of resources;
  • Accessibility of the target group;
  • Cooperation with BIPOC LGBTIQ.

Project ideas that work with community approaches and deal with racism and multidimensional discrimination/intersectionality are explicitly welcome.

Only organizations, initiatives and groups are funded. We do not fund individuals.

Writing style and spelling in the application are not selection criteria.


Applications can be submitted from all over Berlin:

  • Migrant, refugee, BIPOC organizations, initiatives, collectives;
  • Migrant, refugee, BIPOC LGBTIQ organizations, initiatives, collectives.

Application process

Required documents:

Other possible documents (optional): detailed written project outline or video (no more than 1 page or 3 minutes).

Deadline for submission of the application is 01.03.2023.

A pre-selection will be made by a selection committee.

The selection committee is expected to consist of:

  • ReachOut;
  • GLADT e.V.;
  • LesMigraS;
  • Migration Council Berlin.

Feedback for funding until 31.03.2023.

Submission of an application does not create eligibility for funding.

Funding and support

You can apply with projects for 1.000€ to 10.000 €.

The funded projects will be supported by the ComE In team in terms of content and administration. There will be information events about the application process, the start of the project and the end of the project. Furthermore, trainings and workshops for the participants will be requested by ComE In through a needs survey and offered for free participation during the project period.

Please send the signed application form and the budget plan by 01.03.2023 digitally to:

come-in[ät]migrationsrat.de or to the following adress:

Migrationsrat Berlin e.V.
Projekt ComE In
Oranienstr. 34
10999 Berlin

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Since we also work remotely, please send us an email and a phone number and we will call you back. We can offer counselling in the following languages, please name the language in the mail request: Deutsch, English, Tigrinya, Bosanski/Crnogorski/Hrvatski/Srpski, Türkçe.

Consultation hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00 – 3:30 pm.
Phone no.: 030/600 311 39

Your ComE In-Team